The 5 most poppular #Linkedin scams

Photo by Nan Palmero on Flickr under Creative Commons licence

Linkedin is meant to the professional network #1, people would do anything to work out their #PersonelBranding and boosting their profile through sharing inetrsting stuff or writing down inetrsting artciles so deserving likes and shares, others use dirty technics far from honesty, unfortunately, becoming very effective and very popular on the platform.

  1. Job offers temptation: I am the HR manager of a large company in the Arab Gulf in search for profiles, we offer expat package and huge salaries, please leave your email address in comment and I check consult your profile.
  2. I’m working on a design for a customer, please help me choosing one of the 4 proposals here: The guys is not a designer and that the brand logo is fake(made a simple reverse search on Google Images to see that).
  3. I am an unemployed looking for a job, a simple like can help me to find an opportunity, usually those people are employed but acting victims so you would feel guilty and share their post straight away while crying.
  4. I have 45547874 contact sheets of companies and managers, leave your email address for comment and I’ll send them right away: there are always poor people still waiting for these Excel files for years, just to remind you that it is illegal and against the ethics to sharing people / client contacts in this way or another.
  5. I have the latest book in PDF that costs 500 USD, but I decided to share it with you, leave your email address in comment and I send it as soon as possible,

So the next time before commenting or sharing your email address publicly, you should pay attention and make sure you’re not being scammed like, it is needless to remind you that a company has always an official page Linkedin.


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  1. BlindAstronaut says:

    here is my e-mail address:
    Thanks in advance

  2. karim2k says:

    Haha, you’re a cool troll 🙂

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