#Mouch: The march for freedom of belief

#Mouchbessfi (4)

The #Fater committees for the defense of freedom non-fasters to lead a normal life guaranteed by the Constitution organizes Sunday, June 11 a sit in in front of the tourist office at 14h to denounce numerous arrests and practices towards those who do not do Ramadan.

The collective #Fater was founded in 2013 as a group to share tips to find a cafe or a restaurant open during the month of Ramadan for those who are not fasting for various reasons.

This community has been harassed by the preachers and the almost daily police on the Tunisian territory either by intimidation or by arrest, like the famous case of 4 people tried for one month without foundation.

Although Tunisian law and the constitution guarantees personal rights to conscience and does not prohibit the opening of cafes known as the Interior Ministry, also spend a bad time between random closures and preachers visits without legal basis.

To this end, we will observe a sit-in for two hours to denounce these practices and remember that Tunisia is a republic governed by the constitution and the law.


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