The 10 errors (serious ones) to avoid when seeing your resume to a recruiter


Sometimes I run recruitment campaigns on behalf of a friend or acquaintance generally related to the field of digital marketing, whenever I launch the call I bang my head Strong enough: the same nonsense repeat each time and that other than the done will remove you from the race towards a job, risk to ruin your little reputation and we only talk about the process of sending your CV electronically (For the content and the design it is another pair of sleeves).

Every person looking for a job should optimize his job search strategy which will basically go through essential steps quarterbacks:

  1. Research and prospection.
  2. Apply for the position application.
  3. Interview.
  4. And finally the hiring (final, internship or DD)

The second step is important enough to get even closer to the chance of landing a job and it’s that I have seen dozens of emails finding their way to the trash of HR managers who are quite right To keep a certain standard in the list of candidates for interviews.

To avoid being too patient, here are the 10 mistakes to avoid at all costs (exhaustive list) but we will be satisfied with the most horrible failures, namely:

  1. Have a respectful email address: forget your old email address that you opened 10 years ago of the type or and create a new address with your name followed by your first name on Gmail or Of the genus, if you are lucky enough to have a domain name just for you this will be even more beneficial and above all change his picture of mailbox profile with yours.
  2. Send your resume in Word format: besides that the person in charge can not necessarily have Word, it is possible that the version which it disposes is not able to open your resume in good format, the PDF is the easiest format To open and most faithful to your.
  3. Failing to add a cover letter: even if this practice seems archaic, it is still indispensable to show your interest in the job.
  4. Do not greet the person on the other side of the screen: always start your email with a greeting (and finish it with another) either with the person’s name (almost all HR managers are on Linkedin) the post
  5. Forget to add a signature to your email: having a nice signature at the end is a sign of professionalism and an essential label when you want to enter the world of business, other than your signature it is very useful also to add Your accounts on social networks and especially your portfolio.
  6. Failure to quote the position in question: The person in charge of receiving your resume is surely receiving more offers, it is very important to quote: the position in question with the reference as well in your subject Message email (Offer to use Numero XXX) and also quote the context and how you got there: following your post posted yesterday on / group / XXX post yesterday with the reference, and ..
  7. Send your resume from a box that is yours: as stupid as it may seem and especially with the fact that you can open a Facebook account with a phone number without resorting to an email address, this practice is Common to the point of shame …
  8. Make spelling errors: If this is your first contact with the employer, do your best that your spelling and syntax should be perfect.
  9. Send your CV or text in a language other than that of the recruiter: I have seen a lot of kids send a CV on a position based in French with a CV and a text in English, know that this will not make Your CV an interesting case but above all an immediate refusal, you must know to send your email with the language of the recruiter.
  10. Send a resume with a generic name: it is fairly automatic for job applications to send their resumes (attached) with the first file name that the publisher offers them (document1.pdf, untitled.pdf, CV.pdf, CV (2) .pdf, etc …), it is much more useful for you first and for the reponsable RH then to give it a significant name: of the genus Name.prenimCV which will give by Example Mahamed.Benfoulen.CV.PDF

Finally, also try to properly nurture your branding and image online, whatever you are going to say about social networks will be held against you and ensure that all of the world’s HR, google your name before you confer an interview, Then googling and try to be productive and show your expertise via a portfolio or blog.

Some useful resources:

  • Europass: to create a CV with European standards.
  • WiseStamp: to create beautiful signatures for your mailbox.
  • Mailtracker: Track your email.
  • Canva: dozens of CV templates

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  1. Great article, extremely useful, thanks for the enlightenment !

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