#hack4Good – 2nd Edition

#Hack4good is a series of 6 hackathons (2 already accomplished) where young coders and hackers will try to use the data available on the web and social media to find solutions to social issues based on the 17 Developement Global Goals initiated by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and supported by Tunisia since its launch in 2014.

The 2nd session, which was made possible thanks to our partner Titux and Time University which gave us its premises and the efforts of Engineer Spark which has put everything in place through its team of 50 members as committed as engaged in this mission, Had the theme of education, the Hachathon lasted 24 hours of Saturday 28 and 29 January with 20 teams and more than 180 participants in all.

The competition was rough and the ideas as original as the others, the first prize was awarded to a geolocation project that offered students an idea about the neighborhood and the shops, schools and services offered nearby.

Details and screenshots of the winning prototype will be online by next week.

Next another hackathon in two months.


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