#Hack4Good: first social hackathon

Last Sunday 26 November the first Hackathon was held at the Polytech Central Kram, the hackathon is part of a series of 6 competitions under the Social Good Sumit Tunisia 2017 which aims to put technology to the services of social problems within the framework Of the 17 sustainable development goals initiated by the United Nations in 2014 to provide a platform for measuring and solving the most important problems on a global scale.

The theme of this first session was public transport, the competition which lasted 12 hours tested the knowledge of 6 teams from 7 different universities (Polytech, ISET’com, FST, ESPRIT, ISTIC), in all 30 geeks Who have leaned on the subject while using the APIs of Google Maps, Foursquare, Instagram to offer the traveler a solution to find like moving within the city of Tunis.

The young but innovative team of ISET’com won the grand prize (an Evertek smartphone), thanks to a prototype of a site offering either a path but above all resources extracted from the 4 social networks related to this quest offering A better view of the course and giving the user the chance to be able to judge the areas he wishes to visit.

I would like to thank Polytech Centrale El Kram who took care of the hackathon, Evertek for the prize of the winner but especially Bechir Segni who ensured the cordination of this magnificent initiative.
The Social Good Summit Social Summit is a conference to examine the impact of technology and new media on good social initiatives around the world. Organized every year through more than 50 cities around the globe, SGS Tunisia brings together a dynamic community of young Tunisian leaders, activists and bloggers to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time.


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