Phone etiquette at work for good business manners

Nowadays I’m quite surprise that most of the people are using the phone in very bad manners, sometimes qualified as impolite or unprofessional, while using your desk phone or mobile phone for work as a freelancer or an employee, ethics comes first as the phone call is considered the first and most efficient mean to reach your co-workers or customers thus please mind the way you use this technology.

Whenever you make a call, please make sure to salute the other person and present yourself even you’re sure the other person have you in his address book or waiting for your call, you don’t know if his display screen is broken or he is waling under the sun and can’t see much, it would also very professional if you state your name and company once you pick up a call this way the caller knows to whom he’s talking: a professional that doesn’t need to be bothered unless serious matters of business.

For mobile phones, please make sure that your phone is always in vibration unless charging and out of reach: ringtones are a noise that can make you look unprofessional if ever it started loud at a meeting or at work, nobody want to listen your last music addiction or be bother by your favorite band, just set it to vibrate all the time and that’s why for example Blackberries doesn’t allow vibration and ringtones at the same time. if you have issue remembering that, another way to avoid surprises, tell your phones to be silent while having meeting through your calendars, you don’t need to pickup calls when having an important meeting with your manager, you can as well have a set of text template (SMS) to send by hanging up on people so they know you have a meeting and you will call them back which is a very gesture to show that you do care for people and not hanging in on people even if you can them back they would a bit mad at you.

One employee from a company did set the ring tine that you listen while calling to a song and his manager that day was really mad because that employee did mess it up, things got even worst when the employee didn’t pick up and the manager kept listening to that song, the next day the manager issued a warning never to use songs as waiting tines and the employee was sanctioned.

If you call someone and you have him on speaker, you have to tell him right away and also tell him the people with you so you can prepare him for getting in shape and being aware about what’s about, just image calling a co-worker on speaker without telling briefing him and he throws a bad joke while the top manager is sitting close by, you would avoid that at any price.

Last but never least, once the other pickup the phone, make sure there is a room for the call by asking if it a good time to call or not, you customer can pickup the phone and may not have the time to engage a 5 minutes discussion so you would call him back later.

“Evil communications corrupt good manners.” ― Charles DickensThe Haunted House


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