Regular show is a cartoon aired in Cartoon Network and is about to get the 8th season quite soon, the series are about a park in mid 90s with all the retro stuff you can imagine starred by two lazy employees: Rigby and Mordedcai managed by Benson, the two guys are a mess and usually gets in trouble while their boss shout on them and threaten to fire them (but never did), the show is quite amazing and addictive just to tell I did spend the last 3 months watching (and watching again) the 7 seasons almost in daily basis.

The story and characters of the show are about any office or business, employees in a working environment working under the leadership of a manager who reports back to another higher manager with challenges projects and tasks everyday, what I did like about the show apart extremely funny and creative that it does tech you a lot about old management and actually doesn’t tells you what to do for a better company but instead but not to do as employee or a manager:

  • Don’t force your employees to do tasks they don’t like, they will either mess it up and never get it done.
  • Try to motivate your employees by rewarding them for important tasks, in season 3 Benson offered his hockey table as a reward to Rigby and Mordecai that was lying unused for years, every office around the world have tons of left stuff that be offered to employees as a gift or a reward.
  • Always communicate and give a feedback, Muscle Man did explain how he has been able to take breaks and enjoy lunches without any pressure from Benson by simply making sure to tell him that he would do that and that and make sure by the end of the day his tasks are completed.
  • Everybody is creative: in season 2 Benson is asking his employees about the best ways to raise money to fix the office, the best idea came from the least expected people: Rigby and Mordecai came with “Zombie Night Movie” in a graveyard idea which was a huge success.
  • There is always room for fun at work: while working Rigby and Mordecai always takes break to rap or even to play games, Besnson doesn’t mind that unless there is a task to do he even joins them sometimes for watching videos on the Internet.
  • What ever happens Benson always manages to do the morning briefing and assign tasks, a good habit that we lost through the years as everybody rushes to get into his office without really any of few interaction with co-workers, in fact in the cartoon they never very few meetings.
  • Most of the communications was done face to face and by radio or phone, Benson usually sent emails after making sure to tell all the employees, that a good gesture of communicating with your staff rather then spamming them with emails they may not read or like, remember that the best communication through the ages is the one you will sit and talk to people.
  • Benson, the park manager, always shielded his team and took the blame for them, he was ready to be fired as he always believed that his management is the main issue and not only the employees, in a healthy working place the blame should be shared by everybody put put on single person, that’s how a team work!

Finally, the how tells a lot of how we behave at work, it’s like watching myself into the mirror with a pinch of fun and self-criticism, if you didn’t watch it, you should do it right now and thanks me later 🙂

Mordecai: Don’t touch that cake.
Rigby: It’s a medical emergency!
Mordecai: You just ate a sandwich.
Rigby: Are you a doctor now? Did you go to medical school in the last five seconds?


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