Social Good Summit Tunisia 2016 – The after event thoughts

The Social Good summit Tunisia did finally tale place yesterday Sunday September 25 thanks to the partnership of Universite Libre de Tunis, a private university committed to social activities, and Tritux a Tunisian IT company engaged into education through here program called “my school” that helps fixing and improving primary schools through the country.

The discussion was amazing and did last the whole day and extend to remote guests from the Tunisian town of Kairouan and Dubai about the #GlobalGoals as we did focus on three main goals this year: Fighting poverty, Gender equality and education, the audience did remind us again that education is the base of all the other 16 goals because nothing can be achieved if your people are not supplied with the tight knowledge to be able for challenges.

One of the best quotes I did take back from the SGS Tunisia 2016 is that we don’t have to wait for governments to do changes as much as changing our selves and being part of the projects that tend to improve our life, many stories were told about simple people changing behavior and making a huge impact without the need of any help but determination and engagement were pushing things ahead (I will tell a couple of stories into a dedicated articles).

And finally, really happy and glad that for this year we were trying to tell audience about the #Globalsgoals because most of the people already knew a lot about them but rather we were discussing the best way to make things happen through awesome stories happening all over the country and the world.

To show their engagement, volunteers from the same audience will be helping to create a report on the #SGSTunisia impact for 2016 that will be published quite soon.

Happy SGS for everyone, enjoy #2030now values!


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