Social Good Summit Tunisia 2016 is here!

We’re glad to announce the main SGS event in Tunisia for the is year, the the third local edition would last a whole day as follow:

Morning: An Ignite Tunis 9 – SGS edition where the speakers would tell the audience in 5 minutes how they picture Tunisia by 2030, we have already some 20 registered speakers with awesome stories to tell!

Lunch break.

Evening: a panel of discussion with 3 guests in  stage while a fourth seat would be saved to the audience to be part of the panel for 15 minutes (inspire by the fishbowl technique), we also did manage to have #GlobalGaols Experts from all around the would to part of the discussion as well and why and how the #SDGs matters.

We hope to attract over 250 participants mostly young and really excited about telling about their vision and be part of the change.

The whole event will be broadcasted live from the #SGSTUnisia Facebook page and the Twitter Periscope account as well and you’re encouraged to intercatact with anywhere you are in the world through those channels.

Have a nice Social Good Summit Everyone and remember that what happens in the SGS have to be spread out loud beyond a single city or single day 🙂


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