BIL Tunisia turns 4 years now!


Started back September 8, 2012, BIL Conference Tunisia better known by BIL Tunisia, with a audience that does not exceed 60 people and 4 speakers, did now exceed 60 sessions with over of 400 speakers who been on stage and a few thousand passionate inspired people who were part of the audience but especially young, very young, super active and looking to occupy the Tunisian intellectual scene abandoned by the intellectuals themselves becoming either depressed or politicians (which is reciprocal).


In short, BIL is an open, self-organizing, emergent, arts, science, society and technology unconference inspired by the highly-restrictive TED Conference. In many ways, BIL is the analog to TED. While it started out being held near the famous TED Conference during the trailing weekend, it has grown to a stand alone unconference anywhere self-organizing altruistic change makers consciously come together.

Throughout these four years we have worked hard with insistently to make the best meetings with the means edge, often sometimes using resources pimp our friends and partners that we all thank one by one to appoint Emna Mizouni, Samir Labidi, Amine Ouichka, Meriam Bouguerra.

Today BIL is is over 6,000 members throughout Tunisia working one shot event per year or on multiple projects throughout the year (Ignite, Podcamp, Book Club) and we keep growing everyday but especially we did inspire others to start similar movements.

Must admit that the BIL would not be what is today without the trigger after of the first BIL organized in a secondary school, BIL:BIL has pushed us beyond our limits back in 2013 creating a kind of dynamism that did attract over 20 high schools tio start heir own BIL and has for us the perfect model of a working outstanding working group that that continues to surprise us in the image of its leaders: Iheb Thouabtia and Karim H’cini and all other actors of this great alliance.


2015 was marked by the visit of Michael Cummings a founder of BIL, who did jump to Tunisia from Austin, Texas just to meet us and see how the BIL works in Tunisia.

Finally, I am very proud of our small organization with big ambitions and I hope with all my heart that we will continue to contribute to a better Tunisia built by its younth everyday and everywhere!



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