Beware of being trapped into that moronic Linkedin scam!

I see this everyday almost the same people rushing to comment in someone’s status update asking him to check their profile or giving away their email address because the guy said he has some few important job opened overseas usually the gulf oil and gas industry and without any description or details, this guy is a little scammer!

How this guys is a scammer?

Well it makes totally sense that everybody want to leverage their Linkedin profile to be featured in the top search results, every-time you comment in someone profile, his rank goes up, your self-esteem goes down, most of them use fake company (that leads nowhere) names or create fake companies just to make you think he’s some kind of a recruiter.

How to find a job in Linkedin?

There two easy way to find a real job offer:

  1. Via the Jobs section in the top menu, you can start a search and find the real opportunities with clear details and description of the offered positions usually linked with a verified company page and the person to contact.
  2. Some other companies creates articles with a full job description with even a scope of work and how their picture their future employee, usually a manager or an HR person which profile you should always check first within the companies page.
  3. Make your profile interesting and attach recruiters: as advised by LinkedIn itself, the more your profile is complete with a skills list and interesting connections, recruiters would be contacting you if ever they were looking for profile, a well constructed Linkedin presence is worth a lot and when we say a lot, it implies at least you next awesome job.

So, next time before rushing like a dumb to comment in someone in someone succulent job offer is Dubai or Qatar, report that scammer instead and remember that this social network is meant for professional unless you know hoe to the get the best of its awesome features, go looking somewhere else.


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