Social Good Summit Tunisia 2016: The Hangout

Yesterday ,we did have the chance to engage the discussion about the #GlobalsGoals with top leaders around the world, we were honored by having Annie Rosenthal head of @plussocialgood and Stephen King from Proactivits from UK over Dubai, Hussaain Itany from Lebanon, Unyime Abasi from Nigera and Hafedh Al Yahmadi from Tunisia.

The discussion went on for almost one hour thirty and have been an excellent exchange between the remote guests and the audience of some 40 young people who were, at my surprise, quite interested and did already knew a lot about the #SGDs asking very specific questions about how we are going to build a better World by #2030Now.

The group did agree about a lot of goals and actions that has to be part of the schedule to reach the goals, such as:

– Education is the most important among the #SDGs because an uneducated poor nation can’t really do much.

– Gender equality is quite challenging in the MENA region but Tunisia showed a resilience when it comes to Women rights.

– The goals are not going to be resolved by magic, small actions count to build the road to success.

– Technology is the sold base of a good communication giving everybody access to a world of opportunities, the #GlobalGolas depends on Internet and especially the good use of social media to promote Social Good everywhere.

– #GlobalGoals are about universal values for the whole world beyond political boundaries.

– The civil society and #NGOs has to reply on it self to make the #SGDs possible without having to depend on the government.

We would thank the audience, the guests and the American corner for this unique opportunity to make the world looks like a small room debating about how to make things better by #2030Now.


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