What do you need to know about the new Instagram algorithm

For long, the famous social network based on mobile photography started back in 2010 was using a and simplistic algorithm and behavior, you take a photo and it’s slips straight away into the timeline of of your followers, this Instagramers and s and other digital marketing actors (Community managers, artists, etc ..) at the times knew the best times to post their content reaching out 78% of the audience below 25 years old, this is about to changeas the take over of Facebook since 2013, a new recipe same the one that makes your FB timeline, will make you confused again.

The new photo workflow system is not more linear (first posted, first seen) but will depend on three main factors for the photos as for the videos: The popularity of the content (the number of likes and comments), your relationship with the person (also depend on the number of exchanged likes and comments) and of course the moment at which the photo was published in two words it’s a bit blurry since Instagram will try to push up interesting content that will attract audience and keep more time connected to the platform, according to them with 400 million users of this becomes increasingly impossible to manage content.

As Instagram is expanding, it has become more difficult to follow all the publications of photos and videos. This means that you do not see often the most interesting posts.
To enhance your experience, your feed will soon be ordered in order to show the moments we believe to be the most interesting for you.
And of course, as the case of Facebook, the details of the algorithm Instagram will remain a secret creating a real challenge for marketers.

If you are working in the digital marketing field, this affect you in the way you handle your daily work straggling to manage the accounts of your dear customers: hashtags will not be enough anymore to ensure the visibility of your content, it takes 30 % of traffic will be possible only through interaction with your own community: comments, likes in both sides, in a word more commitment that reminds us how Facebook works so the CM or the person in charge of instagram account will have to do more to deserve the attention of its community.

On the other hand, as it’s the case for Facebook, the brands will have to invest in Instagram ads to keep up with the competition and to fund its marketing campaigns creating a new economy for ads marketers.


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