BIL:Women – “Orange The World”

In its second edition and in partnership with UNDP Tunisia, UN woman and GilUp Tunisia, BIL:Women was held under the theme “Orange world” Sunday, December 13, 2015 at the French Institute downtown Tunis.
Under the Slogan “الدستورحرر و الدولة تقرر فالنوقف العنف ضد المرأة” this session Women has dealt with the theme of the fight against violence against women and girls as part of 16 days of women activism. The theme “Ornage the world” has been set by the global campaign in the fight against violence and the choice of color was a symbol for a better future where violence will no longer have its place.


The event was spread over the entire day, and it was an opportunity to recall that women in Tunisia are still subject to violence, seven speakers were invited to share with our young audience their personal experiences and their opinions on the matter.
Among the speakers we note the presence of Mouna Messai young a student and member of Girl Up Tunisia who presented the Global Development Goal 5 (GDG #5) established by the United Nations Development Programme, which focuses on gender equality while Emna Ferchichi young lawyer presented the legal aspects of sexual violence against women, later Mrs. Sihem Ben Sedrine the president of the Forum of Truth and Dignity presented the processes of transitional justice and Women’s Desk theVictims of Violence in Tunisia.
We also note the presence of a young man among our speakers, Seif Eddine Jlassi young active teacher in Theatre Education and member of Fanny raghman 3anni street acting Group, who spoke about the importance of women Tunisian in our post-revolutionary society and the importance of the fight against violence against women in Tunisia.
The event was closed by a contemporary dance troupe “Fanny Roghman 3anni” entitled Zamakan that lasted 40 minutes and whose theme was respect for rights and freedoms while combining dramatic scenes and folk dance.
We believe that this issue should not be limited to 16 days, Let us all together to end the violence against women!


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