Down here in Tunisia we did have a chance to engage youth into the discussion and this quite early, we did have a 17 speakers GDG Ignite (5 minutes talk with 20 slides that auto-forward each 15 seconds) dedicated edition and some 5 pre-events where #GlobalGoals has been discussed by different students until September 27 when we did have the big meetup and the discussion got more viral and intense.

Through all that I was amazed how young people were interested in the #SGSand it outcome, the GDG were not just boxes as much as the tools that we need for a better world.

Here are the lessons I did learn from the last 4 months of #globalgoals dialogue:
1- GDGs are important to everybody, everywhere, it’s a global concern that has to be addressed that way.
2- GDG actors has to connect and exchange their point of view and experience resolving their issues.
3- The civil society is the main actor in this saga, the government is most welcome to create hubs and facilitate laws related to the matter but people should lead the way.
4- All goals are related into an infinite loop, there goals who are more important but never the less dependent from other nodes, the #globalgoals goes like a united body when a member aches all the system falls sick.
5- Human related GDG like #GenderEquality (Goal #5) is not an option that’s why we think that countries where Women are having social inequalities won’t have a chance to get the whole package withing #2030now.
6- Awareness is as important as action: never under estimate the power of advocacy, making people aware about something is an option invitation for action that’s where our mission comes to a good use.
7- Education comes one of the most important goals ever since it’s the engine that would push the things ahead without proper education, the GDG would take even more time and effort.
8- Youth is the most concerned about the GDG because they have have imagination and after all by 2030 those young people will be the leaders of tomorrow.
9- World +Social Good showed that change comes within engaged independent people who’s attention it to help to bring the change.
10- GDGs and #SocialGood is a 24/7 operation, the Social Good Summit is just a milestone and a celebration of what has been achieved yet and a kick start for other projects to come.

I’m really enjoying my +Social Good connector experience, hope you’re feels the same :)



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