This is why EnQuest left Tunisia with its 23 MM USD

Because of the ANC, the Tunisian state has lost yet full of money, this time another company (EnQuest [1]) oil has withdrawn 23 Million dollars in capital assets of Tunisia because of the long wait of the Tunisian authorities .

35 Million dollars was part of the capital of 100 Million dollars for the development of a gas field has Zarrat[2] (Gabes) in partnership with PA RESOURCE which holds 45%[3] of the field (55% ETAP Tunisian state) and that could offer more than 400 permanent direct jobs positions.

Basically because of the bureaucratic procedures of the ANC who literally froze the investments in oil and gas all along 2014 by refusing to extend or even initiate new licenses[4], the energy crisis will be even greater this year knowing that no other company has invest in 2015 particularly because of the international crisis but also because of political instability.

The new appointed minister of energy, Zakaria Hamed, wil have a hell oj job to fix this especially that the chances for investors to came along the energy crisis are quite thin while Tunisia a big push to get away from an economy suffering since the revolution.

  1. PA Resources and EnQuest terminate farm out agreements – PA Resources postpones release of Year End Report
  2. PA Resources Jumps After Zarat Field Agreement: Stockholm Mover
  3. PA Resources’ licences in Tunisia
  4.  Tunisia: NCA Energy Commission Refuses to Extend 3 Oil Permits

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