Bloggers and Tweepls 2nd Ramadan 2010 Iftar

Bloggers tweeple 2nd Ramadan meetup

As planned in the previous thread, we met again n Ramadan around the Iftar table at El Mida (Lafayette), tweeple and bloggers (10) eating and having fun like hell.

The meetup was an occasion was to meet both really young tweeple who carry on the same ideas and dreams as the old generation the discussion were balanced between twitter culture, blogs, etc… and covered some politic stuff about censorship and the story that happened back in may25th with Slim and the others white T-shirt group and how censorship sucks and what’s coming next I was really surprised that younger generation was deeply touched with the fact and all the game behind and really pissed off like we do opening my eyes to a anti-conformist fresh meat wiling to act to change the world.

Anyway that was, again, the best times ever meeting with energetic and true people who shares the same goals and fun in life thanks you all for coming and see ya again in a week!

‎2nd Bloggers and Tweepls Ramadan 2010 Iftar

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