From where did all this red tuna come from?

I am a good customer for Monoprix (Major distribution stores in Tunisia). I go several times a week for errands. Yesterday I saw on the fish stall a huge bluefin tuna (the photo, taken yesterday, shows only a part) available for sale 7,900 TND/Kg. I could not believe my eyes … especially since it’s the first time I see the tuna sale monoprix the lakeshore. As I could not find the website or email monoprix, let me post my reflection on this blog.

Via [Zizou From Djerba]

I join my voice to Zizoo about how an engendered specie continues to be sold into stores in Tunisia while few kilometers (Europe) it has banned since a while to preserve the tuna as per the breeding which most part happens in Tunisia and makes the whole operation useless, Tunisia is a permanent member of the UN and the UNEP and such trade should be the ICAAT (The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) our fishing quote is limited to 1300 tons/year which is fairly enough but can’t explain why is it available so cheap in our market, a phone call with an expert explains that most of the most of the Tuna is not caught abroad but mainly imported from Libya, Senegal and Mauritania an information that is not displayed in the stores and that can affect the consumer’s behavior toward consuming non-Tunisian fish as for the stereotype that local fish seems to be always the best and the most trustful.

I wish that we make sure this fish wasn’t caught illegally and that we got an information in every fish for sale but it would be more adequate to ban even the trade and consumption of an irritated sea resource declining into chaos, in the mean I suggest that you take a look at “The end of the line” a Book, documentary and an action to try to save what’s remaining under water if the people above cares a little as much as reading Tuna: Love, Death, and Mercury that finished months ago that may change the image of the tune from an obsolete dish into a magnificent sea creature that deserve respect and protection.


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