Tunisian Bloggers and tweeple annual Ramadan Meetup: Community iftar

It has been a ritual started back in 2005, a bunch of bloggers, friends and couch-surfers met in the Ramadan to break the fast in the downtown classic restaurant El Mid know for its tasty Tunisian food for less than 10 TND / person for a whole menu including: Dates, Chorba, Brick and the main course.

The media restaurant is located in the rude de Palastine just few meters from the passage tram station.

As suggested by many (Marouen), this would happen next Wednesday August 18 starting 7 pm upon your suggestions and as usual you’ll be totally free to bring newbies and friends to make it even a better event, for directions and infor please call me at my cell phone 23 999 481.

Please register in the Facebook event.

Tunisian Bloggers Meetup 19

8 Comments Add yours

  1. b9adeh el brika? chfama dessert? 🙂

  2. Marouen says:

    wednesday would be perfect

  3. Emina says:

    A tn bloggers meetup? It's been suuuuch a long time 😀 (or I've been soooo far away from the community :p)

  4. Mehdi Kerrit says:

    coool !

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