Wild Monkeys in Tunisia


…last week, of my coworkers , graciously provided me with pictures of monkeys shot in Kalaat Snen close by a mine Bujabr the north-west of Tunisia (Kef state) …. According to my information that people who suffer from hunger and thirst, and would not let them close to keep the rights to them … and I do not know which of the authorities responsible for land animals can do so…

Tunisia used to be the homeland of many wild creatures until climate changes, wars and natural disasters, but it seems that a blogger’s friend did take pictures of a couple of wild monkeys in the northern Tunisia in Kaalat Snen suffering from hunger and thirst -as this is not their natural enviroennment-, the authorities may need to rescue those poor animals before their percish or they may just evolve.
Via [Al Hallège (Arabic)]


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