Houssein: the Godfother of the Tunisian Bloggers


Journalists do not hesitate to make a turn. Of “responsible” as the monitor milk on the fire. Tunisian bloggers refer to it every day. It is tn-blogs, the hub of blogs tunisiens, baby Virtual Houssein Ben Ameur.

Source [Tekiano]
Via [Pink Lemon]
I remeber back in the late 2003 when houssein send me an email offering hosting for my moest blog while i was just beginning the fun, the domain at that time was called rundom.com and hosted serveral blogs (Me, Subzero, Infinity, Jaz, La rebelle) and that the frontpage was a local feed aggregator quite eariler than the new tn-blogs.
Such wonderful memories, was Houssein did accomplish was more than just some bits hosted in a far server as muh as giving to our very first steps a stairway to heaven.


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