Thelethoon (Thirty)

The move is tracing back the though biography of Tahar Haddad, the leading of the women rights in Tunisia and one of the pioneer who started the first Tunisian workers union under the French colonization.
The events happened between 1924 and 1934 (as the title clearly describes it) in a very agitated era in the long Tunisian strike for independence just when the old movement was swept by a younger generation led by Bourguiba, Ali hammy and many other who were looking forward to freed the minds from the dogmatic reign of the bey and the over power of the Islamic muftis.
I found it quite impressive, nice scenery and an excellent cross over historical events and the life of Tahar Haddad which really difficult to get in the same dish at one, again if you didn’t see it yet, it’s worth a 2 show of an old and energetic Tunisia.


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