A new Beer is born: Golden Brau

What is better than the democracy itself? Beer, the SFBT (Celtia maker) have released recently an award winning new brand beer in a greenish new cans in an elegant pack, the beer is manufactured under a license from a German brewery.
The set of 6 beer costs 6 TND (5.8 USD) as much as the Celtia, cutting down any chances of competition so you’ll be always choosing the beer based on the taste more than the price, the first tests I did myself show that the beer tastes almost the same, in fact it looks even like the old Celita beer in a different recipient, it’s really a waste to scam customers, but who cares ….
We were expecting the new Heineken to be released soon, but it seems that there different changes in the agreement, as you know, SFBT still holds 50,1% of the whole business and have the control over the game, I won’t be surprised that they prefer to brew an other beer rather than making a better and may more expensive beer based on recent studies with a dozen street drunk people.
I’m really upset, we really need a different beer malt or black, all the brands we have : Celtia, Lowenbrau, 33 and Golden Brau tasting almost the same have close prices and released from a single company, it’s sucks but it turns us drunk and that’s the point!


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