Le Temps speaks out on Facebook

An excellent article published in the local french-written paper “Le temps” by Khalil KHALSI bedating about the censorship of Facebook making more than 53000 Tunisians internautes upset, many expats confused and distugted about the real reasons between ripping down such beautiful web site allowing hundreds of features as communicating with freinds, keeping up with the national events, …
The real reason behind this ATI weird reaction is there were growing groups supporting local causes such as the cesnorhsip itself or related to some national events (Gafsa / Rdeyf) spreading the message widely enough to make pressure on Unkle Ammar 404 to puch the button.
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Below is the a tranlatation of the whole article:
<blockquote “ERROR 404 not found”
28 miles Facebookers Tunisians denied access to their favorite site It seems that a heinous crime has been elucidated in Italy through Facebook, or at least be used in the investigation. But at a time when we rédigions this article, Facebook is not (most?) Accessible in Tunisia.
Already, as from Monday, August 18, 2008, areas have been sporadically denied access to the site the most visited friends in the world, and Tunisia where it has been an extraordinary popularity for nearly d ‘ a year already, attracting 28,000 members, which can no longer connect since August 23 last Saturday, while several people saw unfounded rumours or threats in the wind.
Having contacted the Ministry of Technology Communication We are still waiting for the response that has not been given regarding the deadlock. Is it true then that this is due to potential abuses of instrumentalization extremist, to which the only antidote seems to be closing the site? And what speaks extremism?
All this can be quite complicated for those who are not familiar with Facebook and do not even know what it is. This site is primarily a site of friends. Created initially for students at Harvard, he began thereafter to most American universities, and then, thanks to the Internet, the world began to attend. Like many similar sites and its predecessors – such as MySpace (where you can find several artists in all fields) that Facebook has disputed the first place for a long time before he wins with the greatest number of members – Facebook is a vast space where the pages are listed members who can meet, exchange comments, see their respective photos, chat, etc.. etc. The easiest way to have a fuller idea would be to consult the different articles contained therein on the Net, or ask one of his relatives who frequented the site.
Facebook is an incomparable cultural tool, thanks in particular to groups that create them. These vary from those gathered around as artist or writer, those “activist” for a cause (battered women, for example), passing by those who merely talk about any subject. But the list may be extremely long. To join one of these groups, just one click, and abide by the rules, the only space where they can find all these members is the “page” containing their list, photos and comments they leave.
Since August 23 this year, following the closure of access in Tunisia, Tunisian facebookers are dépités. The bloggers express their frustration, the ones who are familiar with this kind of maneuver, since so many other addresses are disabled in Tunisia, not just those banned sites at least 18 years or Islamic sites; sites a priori harmless, until ‘proof to the contrary, and recognized throughout the world, such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Metacafe are also closed.
He made his own, “Ammar 404”, whoever is behind the blank page on which you can read “404 not found” when a site is blocked access. The grass is cut under the feet of nearly 30,000 facebookers Tunisian, who argue that it is capable of miraculous things, it allows you to find people we have lost sight of and maintain contact with friends and relatives residing abroad. Some people simply can meet, discuss, interact, exchange ideas, intellectually adviser films, books or television programs, via the various existing applications. Links between the four corners of the world weave, people seeking employment are offered suitable posts. The authors unpublished able to find publishers sometimes, and young artists from music labels. The organizers of cultural events keep members informed of their current, and thus estimate the number of people willing to participate. There are also festivals and cultural cafes that have ended up having the document through Facebook and, most importantly, it turned out that the Tunisians were not qu’occuper tables cafes.
The petitions were signed online. Some members have even committed to terminate their contract with their Internet service provider where would really blocked access to the Internet site which was their happiness.

Khalil KHALSI Khalil KHALSI – “Le Temps” – Monday Semteber 1st.


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