New law:Military service mandatory to get married


A recent rumor coming straight from the most trusted sources (In Tunisia only rumors are true) is reporting that the government is going to release a new law that obligate any man willing to marry to have already done his military duty thus the government is putting again gaps to the marriage other the 6% inflation and the several laws surpassing the real right of women.
Usually jobless people have to spend a year in duty, but if you’re working the government will be really pleased to retain 60% of your salary for 11 months (leaving you in need) while you’ll have to go for 5 weeks only in duty and a restriction for travel for one year, which really sucks! the only way to avoid getting scammed is either to be physically/mentally unable to practice or to be married for 2 years or have two kids (weird law) or just to be 35, what’s happening now is that our smart legislators have come to an end to any young man little hope for marriage.
I don’t’ know, the future is so much bright that I can’t open my eyes, just started filling in some immigration paperwork where the future is less brighter.
Update : It’s no more a rumor, the laws has been confirmed by the media.


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