404 not found or eaten by a carnivore


The censorship in Tunisia owes it brilliant efficiency and cleverness just to a guy called Ammar or badri, but simply to a very powerful and sophisticated software developed by the NSA and used by the FBI called Carnivore to counter and trace phone and internet communications, as this kind of software can’t be sold, I presume it has been donated to help the government in the war on terror thus it seems that the only people getting fun with little mosquito are just blogs the two most popular video sharing sites (Youtube and Dialymotion).
I just hope that maybe we can suddenly human, become civilized and little smarter to know that you can’t ban internet, if you close one gate tens of others would be set within minutes, I just recommend ATI to ban Google, Blogger, blogs hosted in Europe and US, port 80, 8080 ,… and may be just go back to the stone age by giving up Internet, anyway the fax sounds really great.


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