Where is Gafsa?


Everybody knows what’s happening down there, everybody is aware of the 3 dead people, the strike and the anger boiling, and then what? a handful of bloggers are writing stuff about people that seems so far that sometimes I feel like Redeyf was located in some tropical lost island overseas and that all our feelings are about “Saving the blue whale” or “Donate to African starving children” while the smoke is coming from a burning quarter closer than you think and than what? we will feel pity about those “people”, we will claims to really have a thought about those angry mobs but as usual weak and underpowered we stay.
Remember that the case is unique and that no third party could help, simply because it’s an internal affair and that we can solve our problems peacefully, let’s just keep writing, spreading the voice and trying to feel real sorriness.
Rewritten in [Pour Gafsa]


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