www.bac.tn is once year popular site that delivers the baccalaureate results (as much as an SMS service), the site got overloaded for the couple of days it’s operating every end of June, as operated by the governmental agency INBMI, it lacks chance management, load balancing and clustering, it even lacks DNS management (if you type bac.tn you’re lost!).
The design is ugly, the site is deadly slow and it not even optimized for anything else a rubbish page thrown on the net to make a dig deal about face information technology behavior, the service is so poor that people usually rely of the alternative SMS service operated by a third private party getting 50% of the whole business where people don’t care about how much as much as how fast they can get the information.
I just hope that we get the things done the way it should be, not just a stupid propaganda as much as many sites and stuff in the country, we have to go forward and stop spoiling our life with down quality non efficient rubbish.


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