Jamica Cafe


One of the best spots in Tunis high enough to see the whole city, the Jamaica Cafe-bar is the place to go to get with friends and have a nice drink while enjoying the splendid view of the city day and night.
The access is quiet easy, it’s in the middle of avenue Habib bourguiba, and don’t worry about your car there a plenty of parking around, I recommend the Palmaruim parking just below Palmaruim Mall located behind the theater.
Then step into the hotel, there is an elevator located in the left of the reception, if you can find your way, ask the receptionist, once your get to the elevator push the biggest number which should be 10, some people like to call that place the 10th.
Once reached the last floor, you’ll find yourself into a big open area with a very nice view of the whole city from different spots and thus all along the day and night, that’s why I always recommend that you get there late in the morning to enjoy both daylight and night visions.
The Jamaica Cafe-Bar have a small indoors featuring a bar and 4 or 5 places with 6 seats in a very trendy atmosphere, in fact the Jamaica Cafe-Bar is the most trendy place in Tunis and many people don’t even know that it exits, the service is excellent and the waiters are really friendly, the bar offer a variety of drinks going from soft cokes to beer and liquor for very reasonable prices.
I prefer to stay outdoors or just to stand in the edge and enjoy the view drinking a couple of beers and taking some shots while the breeze is too lovely and smooth, that’s the place you should be especially in meeting or friends gathering or to make a guest discover the city.

El hana – Jamaica

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