What’s going on in Gafsa?


A protester was shot dead and several wounded Friday in Tunisia during clashes with police Redeyef in the mining region of Gafsa (south-west) in the grip of agitation against the backdrop of unemployment and high cost of life.
Hafnaoui Al-Maghzaoui, 25 years old, was shot in the right lung and died on the spot when police opened fire on demonstrators in Redeyef, “said Adnan Hajji, a union leader. Eighteen people were also injured by bullets, “said Hajji, contacted by AFP in a phone call Redeyef.

Via [20 minutes(french)]

TUNIS, June 6 (Reuters) – Police fired guns to disperse hundreds of youths rioting over joblessness and rising living costs in southwest Tunisia, leaving one dead and several injured, government and labour union officials said on Friday.
“The security forces came under assault from thrown flammable objects and were obliged to intervene to neutralise certain people who were making them,” said an official in Tunis who declined to be named.
Hafnawi al-Maghazoui, 22, was killed by a bullet in the lung when police opened fire, while 22 other protesters were wounded, union leader Adnen Hajji told Reuters.

Via [Reuters]


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