I blog for the united Maghreb


Berberians roots, roman glorious history, arabs muslims, we are almost one nation sliced into 5 pieces of meaningless colonial borders, we speak a close arabic dialect, we have common litterature style and we do love each other.
If we can’t break the borders, we still can have faith in an united behaviour where we act like one nation out of one brain, sharing love pain and prosperity, it’s already on: Algerians making tourism in Tunis, lybians having helathcare in Tunis, Tunisians making busines in Morrocoo, mauritanians styding in Tunis, at least this is the land where we can roma free without visa or racisim, this is the only where we can be confident and peaceful.
So, hout it again and again, Viva the Arabic Maghreb.


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