Google car in Tunisia?


Photo Credits goes to [Lars Von De Goor]

This morining, In my way to work somwwhere around Tunis-carthage airport I saw s Renalut scenic car with a lost of cmeras a other starge stuff… I’m not sure but I guess it’s the google car…

Via [Plouch Plouch]
An eye witness have seen what seems to the Google car roaming in Tunis running fast and loaded with all kind of stange of stuff that looks like the Google car capturing the streets I head some rumours about that, in fact Google cars are now roaming the world to get Google maps streets coverage for majors cities, but have thought that it would a tale in Tunisia as the authorities are paranoid about camera and Internet. If that’s really the Google cars getting the Tunis streets, it would be wonderful and again, I’ll just say it again and again: thank you Mr. Google!


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