Zembra and Zembretta are safe now!


Everybody have heard and a lot of bloggers have reacted to the news spreading about a Chinese business man who’s attentions were to turn Zembra into a luxury touristic indeed Zembra is a classified UNESCO as world heritage as much a being the most important birds ecosystem in the country but also that it would the main site to recover the extincted Mediterranean seal in a couple of years (The ministry of Environment is still looking for some 5 million TND to start that project).
The project is officially canceled under the pressure of America (daring to see communists around) but also an other very weird story: a close friend of mine working for the ministry of environment told the whole story as fast as he saw a lot of reactions of the web, he forwarded the whole thing to his boss (The minister itself) who immediately asked D. to take care of the affair, he made up a study showing how harmful is the project and how important is the site for the future seal regeneration program rigorously supported by both the UNESCO and the European union.
The Chinese guy did leave under pressure seeing that there was no way getting that isle, Zembra and Zembretta is now safe, ours and no man’s land again.
The point is that the blogosphere again punched the bad guy and that head officers are really aware of the blogs and that they are the voice of the people, so thanks to everyone who did shout about Tunisia and keep on rolling, we still have a lot to do.
Update: The information have been published officially by Jeune Afrique in its last issue thanks to Debat Tunisie for feedback.


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