Tunis Land : first Tunisian Multimedia Sharing service


Tunis Land is the first multimedia sharing service: photo, video and audio launched by a startup called STA a gathering of web developers who got faith on the Tunisian web, in fact the project have started by Wissem Tabboubi as a part project when he was leading Arab students association, then he moved to the USA and kept on with the aid of other friends finishing their little masterpiece. Despite being in the Beta stage, the site is already open for registration and you can upload as much as you want (uploading quota limited to 8 Mb for the moment) hosted in a small machine (2GHZ, 1Bg Ram, HDD 260 Gb), there are already hundreds of files there featuring the most Tunisians stuff as local music nostalgic cartoons and very rare photos and tunes that used to be found in the deep abyss of flickr or Youtube, now we have our national service worth taking care of. In their welcome message, the editors quoted:

I hope you are enjoying your Tunisian experience.
I created this website to reconnect with Tunisia, living thousands of miles away it was hard for me to stay up to date with all the gossip, news, radio and television programs.
So I figured why not create a website for other Tunisians, other Arabs who may also be living far away from home to hear a familiar voice on the radio or watch their favorite movie whenever they want.
I have enjoyed bringing that familiar feeling to all of you and I hope you feel a little bit closer to home every time you log in, so please keep visiting keep watching and feel free to offer any suggestions to help improve our site.

I have already opened an account there and willing to upload my stuff there, I’m wiling to see your contribution too, we got enough flickered and youtubed, and if you’re a blogger give it a little review or shout, there are already 4000 members down there.


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