The one dinar bill worth a thousand dollars


TUNISIA 1Dinar P74 1980 issue UNC scarce banknote dealers lot of 100 pieces, bearing the picture of Habib Bourguiba,amphitheater and Tunisian village of Korbous in the “cap bon” on back.Interesting and colorful banknotes.NOT TO BE MISSED.

When I was a kid, I remember holding that bill with the biggest care while heading to the shop to buy a list of stuff that mom wrote down in a small piece of paper back in the 80s, nowadays few people remember that 1000 milimes, and fewer know that it existed, it was replaced with a small silver coin lowering its value to a change purpose. I knew that one day the little fortune would turn into a bigger amount by savings or investing but never though that it could ever be a thousands time worth!
The auction is not a collector’s item but a corporation making business by selling old style bank notes and it seems really business, they seems to have hundreds of each item and every item is worth thousands of dollars. I’ve already asked mom to check out to get some those, I’m really interested in some money through old nostalgic old memories souvenirs.
The auction is [over here]


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