Mediaset Italy acquires 25% of Nessma TV


In the media sector there was a general rebound, after being penalized Tuesday by the Goldman Sachs price target cuts, with Mediaset up 2.41 percent at 5.355 euros. The broadcaster, controlled by the family of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, said Wednesday it has bought a 25-percent stake in Tunisia-based satellite channel Nessma TV, which has over 7.5 million viewers.

Via [Hem Scott]
The Mediaset group featring the best Italian channel such as Canal uno, Rete quqttro and Canale Cinque have recently acquired 25% of Nessma, the second private TV in Tunisia launched by Karoui and Karoui communication group.
Nessma TV was to be the Maghreb (north Africa) number one channel, but then it turned into a single real show (Star academy Maghreb), a lost of clips and a couple of nonsense Mexicans TV shows, to be honest I neber watched before, nor the people around me, it’s gaining more popularity in Morocco.

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