The BBC has launched a new Arabic language TV channel


The channel is free to everyone in North Africa and the Middle East with a satellite or cable connection.
It will distinguish itself from other state-funded channels by reporting “without fear or favour”, BBC World Service director Nigel Chapman said.
This is the BBC’s second attempt at an Arabic channel. The first closed in 1996 in the wake of an editorial dispute with its Saudi funders.
The channel enters a crowded market, dominated by the Qatar-based al-Jazeera and the Saudi-funded al-Arabiya channels.

Starting at 1000 GMT on 11 March, BBC Arabic television will broadcast 12 hours a day, shifting to a 24-hour service later in 2008.
Presenters: Fida Bassil, Osman Ayfarah, Lina Musharbash and Rania al-Alattar
Presenters: Fida Bassil, Osman Ayfarah, Lina Musharbash and Rania al-Alattar
The channel will broadcast 30-minute news bulletins every hour and two main 60-minute bulletins at 1800 GMT and 2000 GMT.

The so long awaited TV channel is coming down – I did heard about it years ago-, I’m a BBC mania I listen often to their programs in both Arabic and English and catch their podcasts all the time thanks to my Songbird, I was really active on the Arabic site and have participated in Xtra twice, I like the BBC 4 documentaries and how the whole network handles news and promotes both blogging and photography, I;m sure that the new Arabic spoken born TV will be an other good kid of such great network.
In fact since 2003, BBC Arabic has been actively promoting blogging and here I say the Arabic blogging experience will get a share in the visual media (Other than Al jazeera) seriously in the need of more deep sights into our being.
Rather than Al Jazeera, BBC is not just a news channel, it’s an media insider and a talent explorer, I remember how they had always promoted photography especially for the Eid or Ramadan Photo challenge a great event to show Arabic amateur photographers in action.
I’m looking forward to see nice shows and warm debates, and as I know BBC, they’re gonna do it in their special way gathering artistic style and open mind criticism.
Go read about the new [BBC Arabic TV]


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