BBC Arabic television – Daily news programmes


Daily news bulletins
* Every day BBC Arabic reports the news breaking around the region and around the world.
* Headlines of the key stories are broadcast at the top of each hour and every 15 minutes.
* There is a full news summary every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour.
Al Alam Hatha Al Masaa and Hassad Alyoum Alekhbary (Newshour)
Two different programmes, twice a day, Newshour is BBC Arabic’s flagship daily news programme.
Broadcast at 18.00 GMT (Al Alam Hatha Al Masaa) and 20.00 GMT (Hassad Alyoum Alekhbary), each edition is an hour of news, analysis, background reports, key interviews and debate on the top events making the news in the region and around the world that day.
The later edition of Newshour at 20.00 GMT will be a fast-paced daily window on the world – the one stop for the key analysis and insight for understanding the events of the day. It features interviews with the newsmakers, commentators and experts from all over the world – as well as the BBC’s unrivalled network of correspondents around the world.
Al Alam Hatha Al Masaa is broadcast at 18.00 GMT and Hassad Alyoum Alekhbary at 20.00 GMT every day.
Weekly programmes:
Nuqtat Hewar (Point Of Debate)
Nuqtat Hewar is the pioneering live multimedia interactive debating forum that gets to the heart of the matter of a single issue in each edition.
Authoritative but informal in tone, this will be a key forum for passionate, lively, free-flowing debate where the audience shares its thoughts across the whole of the Arab world.
Nuqtat Hewar will be presented by Hosam El Sokkari. He will be leading the debate to get the real voices of the region heard. It will be a regional conversation that’s informative, inspiring, challenging, outspoken and controversial – but never boring.
Using contributions from the dedicated Nuqtat Hewar website, the programme will be broadcast for about 50 minutes on both radio and television. This will extended on BBC Arabic radio for about 30 minutes. This is a pioneering tri-media programme – unique in Arab broadcasting.
Taking one issue, it uses modern technology to be a truly unique live interactive dialogue. Nuqtat Hewar aims to use phone calls, emails, text messages, blogs, pictures, and professionally shot pre-recorded vox pops in key cities, as well as 3G and webcam contributions.
Nuqtat Hewar will cover news, politics and social issues. Its range of topics will be the widest in Arab broadcasting – tackling the big issues that make a difference to lives throughout the region – including subjects regarded as social taboos.
Nuqtat Hewar is multicast on both BBC Arabic television and radio three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 15.06 GMT). Following the multicast on both platforms the debate continues on radio for 30 minutes.
Ajenda Maftouha (Open Agenda)
Open Agenda is an in-depth exploration of a single issue. Each edition features a single presenter and a range of guests. They will delve beneath the headlines to examine the undercurrents behind the headlines and bring a wide range of perspectives to the issue at hand.
Open Agenda is broadcast on Tuesdays at 19.00 GMT (repeated on Wednesdays at 13.00 GMT).
Lajnat Taqqasi Al Haqqaeq (The Commission)
A panel of independent people get to the heart of the matter by investigating topical social, political and economic issues in The Commission every week.
The panel call expert witnesses and key commentators to examine their knowledge and capture their insights on the key issues. Together they dig deep to explore different perspectives on one of the big issues of the day.
Linked from London, the programme is recorded on location around the region.
The Commission is broadcast on Wednesdays at 19.00 GMT (repeated on Thursdays at 13.00 GMT).
Fiassameem (To The Point)
To The Point is the hard-hitting, one-to-one interview news programme, presented by Hasan Muawad. He will ask the difficult questions of the personalities behind the stories that make the news – from international political leaders to entertainers; from corporate decision-makers to ordinary individuals facing huge challenges.
The half-hour interview is the result of detailed research and in-depth investigations.
To The Point is broadcast on Fridays at 19.30 GMT (repeated on Saturdays at 13.30 GMT).


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