Tunisian games Championship


5000 players , 4 days of celebrations, music and video games.
Competition in Tunsia Championship video games around the CTJV 2008 promises to be even bigger and better than the previous ones. It will be held from 20 to 23 March 2008 in the “city des Sciences” of Tunis.
Register now, cheeks and got to defend the colors of Tunisia at the World Cup games ESWC 2008 to be held in San Jose – USA late August.

Better than Football, the electronic games have gained Tunisian people since a while and thus the edge led to a national event once a year where the gamers come to plat face to face in an adorable atmosphere around the best games ever (at least the most poppular inTunisia): Counter strike, PES 2008, D.O.T.A., Track mania, unfortunately -for may be not enough players- War craft 2 is not on the list this year.
The event will be held from to 23 march in “Cite des sciences” – Tunis, which is an excellent timing: National Holidays from of 20-21 march and the beginning of the summer holidays for the kids, I’m myself willing to get there with little brother Khaled get some fun and take some pictures, too old to play, too nervous to compete so I prefer to be on the crowd.
Go to [CTJV]


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