Tunisia shares ‘Star Wars’ set


One of the most items related to Tunisie, is not camels or dates or olive oil or sunny beaches, but a totally geek stuff: star wars, Tatouine (Aka tatooine ) is the main American attraction of the country so far a temple to all those who seeks in Lucas the genius of creating their wonderful world:

MATMATA, Tunisia — I have never been a “Star Wars” aficionado, to tell you the truth. The closest I ever came to appreciating the movie was singing along to the “Star Wars” ring tone on my colleague’s cell phone.
That is, until I took a trip to the planet Tatooine itself — a real place in the middle of the north African desert, a well-kept secret of Tunisia.
While ruthless Hollywood knocks over the set of each movie as soon as the director shouts his final “Cut!,” Tunisia, where George Lucas shot most of the “Star Wars” scenes, still keeps the original set from the ’70s, protecting it from the burning sun and the evil winds of the Sahara.

The wonders of stars are easily reachable in Tunisia other than many other attractions as Roman monuments (We got the second biggest coliseum in the world) and those cinema made decors are attractions more people than any civilizations, what can we, fiction is a good seller. Go check more photos on flickr.


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