The Green oil Affair


Some 23 people were arrested in raids across Italy yesterday (6 March), and 85 farms and 23 oil processing plants seized, in an operation that exposed the scale of trade in fraudulent olive oil, local reports said.
The raids followed an investigation into the thriving illegal business in which reportedly lower-quality olives are being imported from Tunisia, Greece and Spain, and then crushed in Italy with the resulting product sold off as olive oil made in Italy.

Via [Just Food]
When I first heard about it, it just passed through like any usual news, but since that every single media was talking about, it seems that the Romans don’t joke with oil, they were hit in the back neck and they can’t get it.
The new says that the precious Italian oil was faked Spanish and Tunisian oil, two international high quality olive lands, it seems even that the olive was imported to Rome from the shores of Tunisia thanks to the Punic civilization therefore the root is always better than the trunks.
Therefore how can any fake oil spoil such a great flavor with an over sunny non royal green beans, let me just that I’m really disgusted. Even the lowest quality of the Tunisian oil is fairly is an international high standard.


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