[If]Yahoo sold to Microsoft, Flickr getting redeigned

The late big buzz about MS deal to take over Yahoo for a bunch of billions ended like usual with a satisfying transaction, Earlier today, a job posting on Microsoft’s career site revealed that the software giant is working on a Flickr of its own, I have been using flickr since it has been a boor beta uploading my modest photos and promoting flickr as much as I can thus all friends are flickrolic then what happened? Yahoo come along and gave a piece of money to the managers, we worried how Yahoo could harm our free space of photos exchange, hopefully they just changed the logging mode nothing else, just fine, then comes a giant with the worst web experience ever: slow solutions going through a maze of ads, what’s the point< make a better web? no make more and more money thus I'm just curious to see how MS would soil Flickr like it did with every single startup it bought.
Just look at this fake shot of the upcoming flickr, a realistic view of a typically MS art of noise, a myspace style that will certainly attracts millions of jerks and few months later we would be talking about the success of Microsoft making photo hosting more popular and even easier.
Remember that MS have failed getting into the web photos stuff (Google failed too with PicasaWeb) compared to flickr, it has invested millions developing Max and trying to attract little kids through MSN galleries without having any kind of echo.
The first thing that MS would as usual would be to close immediately:
– Close Flickr API and making people pay for that.
– Making the upload operational though the web interface (IE only) with only one official tool working only under windows (and may be under Mac later).
– Start warning people that they would have to log through their live passport trash.
– Spoiling Flickr with millions of ads in every single space.
– Develop Flickr with ASP/SQLServer.
And I'm sure that the thing would be worst, MS would certainly incorporate Flickr as a service of its MSN family then it would called it MSN flickr, and what about Yahoo? I really don't care, it's enough scrappy and spoiled even MS would be unable to do more damage to the web.


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