Tunisia ranks 3rd in a list of 53 destinations published by The New York Times

I didn’t believe what I was reading yesterday, our little Tunisia deserved a wonderful reputation that claimed to upraise it’s rank in the places to go lately published by New York Times, a matter of proud and surprise how our country is attracting more people by its quality of life just in the top list before Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and Algeria (The listed Arabic countries), it says:
Tunisia is undergoing a Morocco-like luxury makeover. A new wave of stylish boutique hotels, often in historic town houses, has cropped up alongside this North African country’s white-sand beaches and age-old medinas, drawing increasing numbers of well-heeled travelers. The Villa Didon (www.villadidon.com) in Carthage, for one, has a restaurant originally run by Alain Ducasse. Indeed, TripAdvisor ranks Jerba, a resort island off Tunisia’s southern coast, as the No. 1 emerging spot in 2008.
Via [SubzeroBlue]


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