The come back of Noah: Tunis under torrential rain

Copyright © 2007 AFP. All rights reserved

Once again, the rain made the town sink deeply under wild drops outputting serial closed roads, a few dead, and a great deception in front a repeating disaster that no one can predict of heal once for all, hopefully the buses didn’t stop working rescuing citizens while the taxis gone off in a cowardly action and when the trams were frozen under the thread of a wet rails, the police were in every single crossroads to avoid any disorder caused by the freak of the water, in the meanwhile there was rescuer helping a sinking car by the side of the Charguia and a can truck trying to pump the stacking canalization.
In fact there was better management this time, and that’s wonderful, which marks a real progress of the government handling of the crisis an ever repeating issue spotting all around the city even the most recent quarters such as El menzeh or El manar, and while the Lac zone was safe the close by roads were almost submerged with water. Due to the new climate changes we should see Tunis sinking again and again.
I didn’t have my camera yesterday when I was trapped two times after a brief task at work or after the shopping in Lafayette like tens of other people and whole families but lately saved by the 20 (The bus going from Downtown to El Marsa), but I have in my archives similar photos.
[February 2006 Rain blast Gallery]


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