Tunis cars fair 2007


Like each year the cars fair was hot as much as the weather, the usual cars companies all French were the big share of cake of about 60 % of fair as much as the market hold : as Peugeot, Renault and the new redesigned Citroen with their small 4 HP models and beyond featuring the new 107 and C1 models freshly designed, the new Citroen Sport model which is still a prototype is quiet exciting never less, the prices were almost not the affair of this fair, it was clearly a propaganda and exhibition rather and a sell-out event.
The other stuff as German cars were also well showed exposed such as VW and BMW as an alternative cars on the market, with unique models going crazy in terms of prices and monospace vans.
The new comers of the fair were Jaguar, who for the first time, did got some interest in our market with the rising demand on expensive and luxury cars beside its real and ever competitor Mercedes-Benz, and the Land Rover SUVs.
There was also as usual a set of classic cars in the main entry of the fair featuring old stuff such as Peugeot 104 , Ford Mustang , Mercedes and other brands.
The new addition of this fair session if the tunning, there was a bunch of modified cars most of them are Peugeot 206,BMW 520 and the famous VW Gold 4 and 5, who were heavily tunned as much for design as for other components almost dealing with the audio and the interior redesign.
There was also some cars related companies such as Turkish parts or bank loans services, security goodness, many other stuff related to cars.
Finally, the fair was the best session ever, and it seems going better every year, the main problem, is that we see that same cars circulating or that will be, featuring the French merchandise or German expensive engines, we were really excited to see more brands and countries and perhaps some Persian and Japanese innovations or more American cars (other that those For beetles), anyway we got fun watching but it didn’t change our purchasing orientations and I don’t think it would make other people buy this of that,it’s just an exhibition of local dealers.

Tunis Cars Fair 2007

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