Tunis Books Fair 2007


If you’ve missed it, this is the whole folk, the fair was almost like the one before, nothing new, the same shit on board , with more that 60 % propaganda of those useless religion culture books, that we can find everywhere else with lower prices, so what’s the deal.
The few serious editors have brought excellent books, the prices were awfully rocketed this year, but it’s OK as long as you can find something useful, as usual Lebanese and Egyptians editions have spread all over the whole stuff with more than 50 % while Tunisian books were ashamedly presented through the few French literature as Tunisian read and write books almost in French (creepy eeh??).
The fair was the same, with different prices with the useless books and garbage, it’s almost about choice and prices nothing to do with books and culture, I’ve made my shopping and got really satisfied and you ?

Tunis Books Fair 2007

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  1. islam_ayeh says:

    First of all the fairy was bigger than the last one.
    Secondly, the real useless books are those talking about cooking, astrology… Unfortunately they are our national best sellers!!!
    Since the independance, the tunisian education policy has been neglecting religious sciences. Children are given some basic knowledge in basic schools and teenagers are compelled to keep their selves awake in a weekly annoying hour! So let the people have the opportunity to learn about these subjects at least with their own means!!
    With 20% discount the prices are really affordable! But the “reading culture” has yet to be generalized among our fellow citizens!
    This year I noticed many children materials : books, posters, games… which is a good thing!
    But as usual, tunisian authors were FORGOTTEN! we found the usual classical books : attout almor, sahertou menhou allayali…
    But there’s no advertisment or encouragement for the new work!
    I was looking for the books of 7asanin Ben Ammou (very interesting tunisian author, won many prices, his books give a good mix between history and fiction…)
    Some tunisian exhibitors don’t even know him…

  2. Med IKBEL Boulabiar says:

    I visited it 3 times and bought many books ! I spent 80 DT but they are 10 great books of Computer Science and Mathematics !!!

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