A.D. stands for the initials of a “friend” from Zaghouan you can guess it by yourself , but it doesn’t really matters, the aim of the story is that AD is a married guy, have a 8 years old child, works in a governmental institute based on the moral education.
But all that is kinda classic, the clue with AD is that he drinks to much, have a bunch of girlfriends almost all fresh and unreasonable students where he was supposed to guide out their stupid and foolish desire into something sane but he didn’t.
For example, last week, AD drove his car to EL Kef to bring his girlfriend, spend a merciful night with her then took her back, the whole trip costs about 100 TND (~80 USD) almost more tan the sixth of his salary. AD makes this trip twice of thrice every month …
Th most disturbing about the whole story is that AD haven’t gave any money to his wife, the unlucky householder kept spending all home’s need from own tiny salary, but like every authentic Tunisian wife, she never complains she kept her tears inside making magmas of hate and fear.
So, between the pack of beer and his girlfriends, AD is never happy and blames everyone : The system, the people, his colleagues at work, his boss, …. everything sucks but he.
Like most of the Tunisians, AD reads useless newspapers, is fond about football and thinks that all the girls are bitches by nature and that the guys who don’t drink of smoke or do it with many girls are certainly gays or handicapped.
The point is AD is not the one black hole of our new society, AD is more than half of our new adults home leaders who despite the economic wealth turned into real jerk, the future is really bright, really bright my friend.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Skydancer says:

    That’s a great post!
    Too sad, really sad.

  2. takkou says:

    Note that A.D is only the beginning of an awful social tragedy. His wife with no money and no means, fed up with a man who comes back home only drunk and nasty, ended up by prostituting herself to afford money for her family. The children, growing, became aware of this miserable situation and found no inconvenience to become a

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