Why you don’t love me ?


What can you expect from simple minds ? nothing else surprising damn behavior, last week while getting out of the bus at Bab Aliwa station, a girl got close and said good morning, in my stupefied surprise and merely because I don’t stand strangers I’ve answered same with an open mouth that welcome flights, then she told me if I’ve recognized but I didn’t, so she took me in a flashback when I was managing an internet club in Mograne (some 6 Km to Zaghouan) and that I was her tutor some 6 years ago, so far that I didn’t even figure out did I really met here but she gave so much details so she could not be a stranger anymore, then we’ve walking together as it seemed that she was working close to my office (or it was just a trick).
I the talking she told me that she heard that I got married, I just no yet, so she asked if I got a girlfriend , I’ve replied same as the first one. Then she told me that the day I was wearing a suit I was extremely charming and that she really like my style, needless to say how tomatoes I turned then trying to look in the void and keep listening.
Some minutes later we were in Lafayette and everybody got to his own path, I was saved , Oof !! … three days later she told me that she loves me since the time I was her tutor, and that ‘I should’ do the same, I told here that I don’t love here for the sake of the skies ! but she insisted as I wasn’t taken and that I got none intimate in my life !
The conversation turned into that glorious and fetishist question “Why you don’t love me ?” (the opposite of Goo Goo dolls song “Why do you love me ?”, I was totally screwed , this is the kind of situation where you’re muted by the strange, I have tried all along the way (of about 30 minutes) to explain here how old I was, and that she’s not my style and that those things don’t work that way … in vain !
In the end my boredom turned a hill hiding the sun of my patience but didn’t explode, I just was saved again by the division paths, since that I am trying to flee even by going sonic or by doing the tortoise, I’m just trying to have more time perhaps she could become wise or bored of me.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sami III says:

    šŸ˜€ loool
    rabbi m3ak wou rabbi yahdi

  2. exblonde says:

    šŸ˜€ j’ai bcp aim

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