We should pay blizzard and get Starcraft 2 cooked up


Stacraft 2
Last week I have been talking with an other Starcaft mania, who like me and all the guys around spend hours daily playing the holy Blizzard Starcraft II and despite we have got fun with Warcaft 3, we are really upset waiting in vain for the promised release of the second coming, then I’ve told him : “what if we made up a donation system in order to make them work for us ?”, if really business matters, Blizzard should let every little project aside and start working for us, it’s not that we are we don’t respect Blizzard guys or that we just need some tuning, but just that we want the process to come faster.
So, if you make part of our belief and have Starcraft as a sign in the bottom of your heat, give us ideas or contributions to start this new and crazy project : Starcaft 2 Donation, and if ever Blizzard guys are somehow reading this they should give their price in order to release the game as totally free or partly discount or anyway release and that’s all !


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  1. Reewa says:

    Hello Every one !
    My name is Reewa and I live in the Netherlands, but I want to learn Tunisian Arabic. Can some please help me with this ?? Learn me basic arabic ?
    In exchange I can help you with English, Dutch and Hindi.
    PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE some one help me ?
    Thanks !

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