Blogging what ?


Since more than a month I have been like having a blogging-paralysis’s, I haven’t lost my love for the writing nor having nothing to blog, bit it’s just like that, when sometimes I take a holiday from my own blog,in order to recalculate the streaming of my mind, making myself a bit wise less drunk and more “socialistic”.
In fact blogging is worthless when you want to fill up your diary with junk text, while inside you feel warm you don’t have really need to show it up, unless it’s a first time sensation, thus cutting the habits down a bit, would recharge your batteries.
Finally I’m back, like ever needless to say what I am and why I’m doing that and as ever “Stay tuned” the best is coming forward here.


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  1. Reewa says:

    Hello Every one !
    My name is Reewa and I live in the Netherlands, but I want to learn Tunisian Arabic. Can some please help me with this ?? Learn me basic arabic ?
    In exchange I can help you with English, Dutch and Hindi.
    PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE some one help me ?
    Thanks !

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